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About ExpertLEI: Official French Registration Authority


Approuvé par la GLEIF

ExpertLEI is a French company, established and supported since 2019 by EuraTechnologies (Lille) in the heart of the Hauts de France.

Its LEI code is: 894500VM0FRJ8PEWKY15

ExpertLEI is co-founded by a team of enthusiasts for identifying and authenticating organizations in the digital age. The management team has more than 20 years of experience on the subject thanks to their first company SSL247, one of the world leaders in the analysis and management of SSL certificate portfolios.

The difficult obtaining of LEI codes, the complicated and risky management of their lifespan and their validity, the lack of innovation of LOUs such as INSEE in France, are all reasons to create ExpertLEI, the only Agent of 'French official registration accredited by GLEIF.

You will find our Official Registration Authority license issued by GLEIF here.

ExpertLEI is a real innovative alternative in France vis-à-vis state services (INSEE) and around the world.

The ecosystem of start-ups and numerous financial partners of Euratechnologies also helps ExpertLEI in its strong growth thanks to the follow-up of the "Grow" program.

ExpertLEI is also present in London and Miami, and does its best to help businesses and organizations obtain and manage their identifications and / or digital identities.

ExpertLEI offers the fastest LEI code lead times on the market thanks to its knowledge of web development, mastery of APIs and judicious choice of partners. We deliver over 95% of our LEI codes within 24 hours.

ExpertLEI ensures the best possible and advantageous price thanks to the multi-year offers which allow our customers to buy once for 3 or 5 years. Our customers benefit from reduced prices (from only 46 € / year) but above all no longer have to worry about renewing their codes and can quietly spend time on subjects important to the good management of their business.

ExpertLEI guarantees its delivery times and responsiveness. Available Monday to Friday during office hours, we are committed to delivering you as soon as possible and will not let you fall on an automatic attendant or in an email queue. All of our clients are VIPs. Satisfied or refunded

We are passionate about new technologies and believe that the subject of the digital identification of companies and organizations is essential. Confidence in the digital world can only be achieved if strong identification standards are put in place on a supranational basis. We believe that the LEI codes managed by GLEIF are the standard of the future, and hope to support as many people as possible in obtaining this digital passport.

If you would like to contact us to discuss the future of identification in the digital age or if you have a simple question about LEI codes more generally, please do not hesitate to contact us on 03 66 88 00 11, or by email at The whatsapp chat is also at your disposal.

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